Make sure your message (marketing or otherwise) is consistent

OK, so I’m driving yesterday in Florida after a day of coaching. I notice a Hummer coming up on my right side. Hummer’s attract attention just by showing up. But this Hummer belonged to a realtor. And of course that means this guy’s car is a rolling advertisement. OK so great, I get why some realtors want to use their car as a rolling billboard. But it was the message on this one that struck me as odd and inconsistent.


First, the guy had his picture in three or four locations on the car (face recognition). OK. Then, plastered on the sides of the Hummer with this guy’s face all over it was this phrase:


“Joe make’s it all about you!”


Um Joe, you’re kidding right? First, bro you’re driving a freaking Hummer. Second, your car screams that it’s all about well…you.


Make sure your message matches your image (and hopefully your life)or it just might diminish your credibility.



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Written by Dave Fleming