Focus on people (part two) Be a developer

Leaders are developers.

A few posts back, we thought about how critical it is, for leaders, to focus on people. It’s not enough to be a task master or an “ensure-r of accomplishment.” Getting things done, moving forward, is important. However, if people feel they are simply a cog in the machine, they will eventually check out–literally or emotionally. If our desire is to tap the potential of people so that their best energies come forth at work, we must change our “leader frame” to that of development.

Leaders are developers.

Simply, a leader’s role is to develop people so that their best energies are unleashed and make the biggest difference personally and organizationally.

Leaders are developers.

When a leader changes her view to “developer” it changes everything. People than are human beings with amazing potential who need to be coached, mentor-ed, challenged, celebrated and unleashed. Imagine the difference that makes in a leader’s approach.

Leaders are developers.

So…what can you do to move to a development frame as a leader?

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Written by Dave Fleming